Josefine Arenius

Josefine is one of three founders of the work collective We Are Mountain. They help individuals and company’s to understand culture- and generation- differences. Josefine is from Sweden and loves to mentor young entrepreneurs. 

You can contact Josefine if you want to talk about: Personal development, leadership, communication, social media, business startup! You can contact Josefine at Email,LinkedInFaceBook 

Daira Bertule

Daira is marketing and public relations manager at Business Incubator of Kurzemes Region and at Green Tech Cluster. Daira lives in Latvia and loves to write, to create visuals both by taking photos or working with graphic design. She believes that every human being can and must do more than they dare to dream of.

You can contact Daira for help in any creative struggle with marketing, social media, graphic design, public relations, texts, content or just a friendly small talk. Reach Daira via e-mai, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Johanna Österling

Johanna works daily to help and support entrepreneurs, both as a communication manager and within project management. She mainly works with young entrepreneurs – and she’s loving it! Johanna has a master degree in business administration and lives in Sweden.

You can contact Johanna if you need help creating a good and selling pitch or if you would like to get tools and help on how to create good dynamic in the group. You can contact Johanna at mail, LinkedIn, Facebook or Instagram.

Katrin Tegova

Katrin Tegova is a cultural marketer with long-term experience. She has
worked as the head of public relations at many Estonian performing arts 
institutions, organized and marketed several large festivals, major events,
both Estonian and international films, concerts and theatre productions.

Topics she is accustomed to:
* Putting together press releases and newsletters
* Communication with the media
* Preparation and implementation of marketing and media plans
* Marketing on social media (Facebook and Instagram) 

You can reach Katrin on her Facebook or Instagram.

Külli Hansen

Külli Hansen is a creative entrepreneur and consulter. She is also a lector at Estonian Business School, Tallinn University and Pallas University of Applied Sciences. The topics she is teaching are planning, writing a business plan, business models, innovation and creative thinking.

Also, she has been coaching young entrepreneurs at Tartu Centre for Creative Industries for many years and helped them to develop an idea into a real business. Külli likes to coach young entrepreneurs who like to find a business idea that is related to their skills and help them create a better world.    

You can reach Külli at mail or FaceBook.