About Us

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries

Tartu Centre for Creative Industries (TCCI) was founded on May 14th, 2009 by the Tartu City Council. TCCI operates as the coordinator of creative industries in Tartu and South Estonia by providing creative industries related information and training, legal and economic consulting for creative entrepreneurs, as well as business incubation services. In the course of its 10 years of existence TCCI has been recognized as an effective and successful organisation capable of creating an inspiring environment where creative start-ups can increase their capacity, creativity and income.

TCCI has got two main roles: BUSINESS INCUBATOR and REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT CENTRE. As an incubator TCCI offers support to creative people who want to establish their own business and provides services for creative start-ups. As a regional development centre TCCI works with local governments, cultural institutions, universities, NGOs and companies which are not start-ups anymore (older than 4 years). 

TCCI offers its venues for cultural and creative events (festivals, exhibitions etc), organizes advertising campaigns and events (start-up business camps, match-making events etc) and works together with different communities and cultural organizations (museums, universities, neighborhood communities, scientists) in order to create crossovers between culture and business, culture and science and culture and citizens.

With the main development areas such as film, performing arts, music, fashion and design, TCCI prioritizes internationalization, innovation, knowledge and technology transfer, sustainable practices and cross-sectoral collaboration.

Green-Tech Cluster

Green-Tech Cluster or Green and Smart Technology Cluster is a cooperation network between SMEs and institutions of education, research and business support. Green-Tech Cluster brings together more than 65 members and it is the only one of all clusters in Latvia where members had come together to develop the industries of green mobility, renewable resources, energy efficiency, space technologies and areas related to these industries.

Green-Tech Cluster is working in close cooperation with Kurzemes Business Incubator therefore we also have very wide experience in providing incubation support for start-up companies.  We have well established expert and mentor network and part of them will be involved in this project. 


Emax is a non profit organisation with the mission to promote entrepreneurship and inspire young individuals to develop their unique entrepreneurial skills. Emax creates summits, digital and physical, for young entrepreneurs to grow through inspiration, network and knowledge. Emax Event is a meeting place for the foremost young entrepreneurs and it is arranged in Sweden, Norway and Kenya. Emax have, during the 20 years we have existed, created a vital network that have had impact on the young startup scene in Sweden and Norway. In 2007 Emax Event was selected to Eu:s Best Practice in Youth entrepreneurship.