About the project

Be the Future is all about empowering young entrepreneurs and creating an opportunity where girls aged 15-18, who are interested in both business and international networking, can work together. 

When you are a part of Be the future you will, together with your team, create a business that you will test against a real market for six months.

Who can apply?
Be the Future is for girls aged 15-18. It’s for you who see yourself as a future leader and entrepreneur and who want to develop your skills in these fields. Be the Future is a collaboration between Sweden, Latvia and Estonia. You can apply if you live in:

Estonia (anywhere in the country) 
Latvia (anywhere in the country) 
Sweden 8 regions (Örebro, Gotland, Gävleborg, Stockholm, Södermanland, Uppsala, Östergötland, Västmanland)

How do I Apply?
Fill in the form in the link on the website. We will confirm your application and let you know if you got in. Last day to sign up 26th of September.

How many can attend?
We will approve 25 applicants from each country – 75 all together. 

Does it cost anything? 
To be part of Be the Future is free; it doesn’t cost you anything. 
The project stands for the cost of travel, accommodation, and education for both the kick-off and kick-out. 

But if your business idea has any startup costs, that is not included in the project Be the Future. You and your team can be creative and find financing from others, or choose an idea that doesn’t include high costs. 

How does it work?
We will start up with a kick-off in October 22nd-24th in each country. All participants will meet up in a digital platform and we are having a joint kickoff all together.
Here you will meet your team and have three days to come up with a business idea and plan for your business start up. Your team will consist of participants from least two countries. 

Before the kickoff you will meet your coach and your teem in a digital meeting.

Run a business
During this period of six months (November – April), you and your team run the business that you came up with during the kick-off. You will get support from a mentor, webinars and three regional meetings. Your team will work together from different countries and communicate using digital tools. 

At the kick-out we will all meet again but this time in Sweden on March 31st-April 3rd. 
The teams will present how their business worked out and what they have learned during their time in their company. We will exchange experiences and get inspired to take the next step. During these days we will select the team that has had the best success with their business and have distinguished themselves and their company.   

Winning trip 
The winning team gets to go to on a trip to Berlin together in June, with exciting meetings with entrepreneurs and startup hubs.

All dates

Last day to sign up 26th of September

Kick off and each country October 22nd-24th 2021

Meet up 1 November 10th

Meet up 2 December 7th

Meet up 3 January 20th

Meet up 4 February 9th

Meet up 5 march 7th

(All meetups are digital and held at evening, 2 hours)

Kick out in Sweden march 31st -April 3rd.

Study trip for winning team to Berlin in June.

Do I get support?
During the six months you and your teammates run your student company, you will have your own dedicated mentor and our support. During this time, we will also organize several regional meetups and webinars to help you move forward. You can always get support from your contact person from your country. 

What language will be used?
We will use English in all of our communication and that will be the language in our meetings. English will also be used in your crossborder company. Exceptions will be made in regional meetings when all of the participants come from the same country.  

Why only girls?
A challenge we still are facing in the year 2021 is that it is more common for men to start companies or be active
CEO´s than it is for women. With this project we want to encourage female entrepreneurs to test their ideas and at an early age see entrepreneurship as a potential path forward. We want young women to see the opportunities in joint, international ventures.

Do I have to have an idea or a company to apply?
No, you don’t have to have an idea to apply to Be the Future. All you need is a interest in leadership, business and international network and contacts. But if you have an idea or a passion that you would like to work with, you can describe that in your application. 

How do you put together the teams?
When all the participants are selected, we look at your descriptions and put together teams. There will be at least two countries represented in each team of 3-4 people. 

What about Corona?
If the regulations means that we can’t meet physically or travel abroad, all of the events will be kept digitally.

Who is paying for Be the Future?
Be the Future is a project funded by The Central Baltic Programme. 
The Central Baltic Programme 2014-2020 is an EU cross-border cooperation programme. Its scope is to finance high-quality projects with European Development Funds in Finland (including Åland), Estonia, Latvia and Sweden, that aim to solve common challenges together and across borders. The Programme supports projects with four priorities: Competitive economy; Sustainable use of common resources; Well-connected region; and Skilled and socially inclusive region.
Project budget: 880122.13 €
Funded by ERDF: 700627.45 €
Project duration: 01.02.2020 – 31.12.2022